The Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage at St Thomas More College received multiple-year funding from the Government of Saskatchewan, Department of Advance Education to continue with the University of Saskatchewan/Chernivtsi National University Graduate Student Internship Program. The program provides for the placement of a University of Saskatchewan graduate student at the Hnatyshyn Canadian Studies Centre, Chernivtsi National University. The duties of the intern include teaching a discipline-based Canadian Studies course to advanced students at Chernivtsi National University. The intern is also required to assist in curriculum development and promote the work of the Hnatyshyn Centre more generally.

Mr. Carl Hydomako, a graduate student currently completing his MA in Political Studies at the University of Saskatchewan, was selected and is serving at the Centre as the 2010 University of Saskatchewan graduate intern. Mr. Hydomako is the third student sent overseas since 2007 as part of the program.

The program operates under a partnership agreement between the University of Saskatchewan and Chernivtsi National University. It seeks to strengthen the inter-university relationship and regional contacts while promoting knowledge of Canada and Saskatchewan abroad.

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