26 – 28 February 2010 

The Ramon Hnatyshyn Canadian Studies Centre at Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University in cooperation with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and the Embassy of Canada in Ukraine is pleased to announce the “First Bi-annual Conference on Canadian Studies”, to be held from 26 to 28 February 2010 at Chernivtsi National University ( 2 Kotsiubynsky Str., Chernivtsi, Ukraine).

The First Bi-annual Conference on Canadian Studies is aimed to bring together academics, think-tanks and government officials who have interest in understanding various aspects of Canadian Studies and Canadian-Ukrainian relations. The key issues to be addressed during sessions of the conference include: Canada-Ukraine relations since Ukraine’s independence, researches on Canada’s history, political science, economy, culture, language and literature, domestic and foreign policy, etc.

Chernivtsi National University has a decades-long relationship with the University of Saskatchewan. The University has a strong academic and research potential of abovementioned subjects which will be shared with interested parties in Ukraine. We believe this conference will unite Canadianists in Ukraine and will begin a process of sharing knowledge and set-up the network within Ukraine and beyond. The presentation of the Canadian Studies program worldwide called “Understanding Canada” and explanation of available programs is foreseen during the conference.

Interdisciplinary papers, including Canadian history, Government, Policy, Ukrainian immigration and integration, Canadian foreign policy towards Ukraine (past and present), Economics and Literature Studies are especially welcome.

Selected papers from the conference will be published in a separate volume.

 Languages: English, Ukrainian

 The conference registration form along with abstracts of papers (200 words) and one paragraph CV should be submitted by e-mail to the organizers by November 20, 2009. E-mail: chnu_conf2009@d6~ukr.net 

Registration fee: 50 USD (to be paid upon arrival at the conference itself). Participants of the Conference will be responsible for return transportation to the Conference site. Accommodation and meals during the conference will be provided.

For more information please contact Dr. Vitaliy Makar, Director of the Canadian Studies Centre: vit_makar@d6~yahoo.com

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